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Dystopia Halloween 3 Day Festival



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safety info

We have partnered with Tested Contained Retreats to engage mobile medical specialists to provide solutions for small gatherings.

Our boutique retreat will be kept at a limited capacity, provide on-site and advance COVID-19 testing, and employ thorough disinfection protocols:

More information about our safety protocols can be found here.

  • Contained, Drivable Location

  • 2-Part Active COVID-19 Testing Required for All Guests, Staff, Talent, and Vendors

2-part testing


Testing From Home


On-Site Testing


Guests should arrive by car on Friday between 12pm and 6pm. A shuttle service from NYC will also be available. (Contact us to schedule alternate arrival time.) Vehicles will be quarantined 20ft. from each other while awaiting testing.


All guests will have their temperature taken and receive a nasal swab COVID-19 test. Testing will be administered by licensed medical technicians.


Test results will be given within 30 minutes to 1 hour of arrival on site.

4-days prior to the retreat a PCR Active COVID-19 test, available at many locations. There will also be the option for an at-home mail-in test.


Restrooms will be disinfected after each use with guests directed along dedicated lanes and facilities for every 10 cars.


We are happy to share that we had ZERO reported cases of attendees testing positive after the first Utopia. We believe that encouraging testing and discovering asymptomatic COVID-19 cases helps to #stopthespread


All participants are required to certify they do not live with, and will avoid contact with “People at a higher risk for severe illness” per CDC guidelines for 14 days after the gathering.

More information and guest certifications can be found here.



Dystopia will focus on the spirit with rejuvenating activities, magical stages, and of course a killer lineup for you to dance under the full moon.

Relax, release and reconnect with friends. With music and love, we can come together. We are encouraging everyone to unplug for the weekend and embrace the adventure. Photographers will be onsite and a digital gallery link will be provided to attendees.


A full weekend of sounds from our Spectacular Stages, featuring Dan Slater, Danny Verde, Spencer H., Matt Denton, Conner Curnick, and Calypso.


activities & wellness

  • Fire Domes

  • Haunted Forest

  • Sports

  • Yoga

  • Trick or Treating

  • Reiki Healing

  • Gym

  • Campfires

  • Costume Contest

  • Jacuzzi

  • Sunrise Surprises

  • And More




Price is Per Person & Includes All-Access Pass,
Plus 3-Day Accommodations

Every Room has it's own Private Bathroom, Shower, A/C and Heat

basic bunk

$499 Presale

$699 Gen Admission

lakeview bunk

$549 Presale

$749 Gen admission

standard bunk

$899 Presale

$1099 Gen admission


$999 Presale

$1299 Gen Admission

lakeview deluxe

$1049 Presale

$1349 Gen admission

studio suite

$1999 - sold out


Have a larger group?

Book an entire cabin and bunk with all of your besties.


Arriving with a smaller crew?

You’ll be paired up with other attendees with plenty of space to distance at your own comfort level. 


Enjoy delicious chef-curated meals all weekend, with Brunch from 11-2 and Dinner from 6-9 daily. Made fresh to suit all dietary restrictions. Eat in the dining hall or take-away. The choice is yours. Click here for the menu. Snacks, ice and grab-and-go will also be available for purchase from the General Store.


Food will be packaged and plated separately in accordance with current health and safety guidelines. Guests may bring in outside food and drink, but all items must be disinfected in advance. This event is BYOB so be sure to pack your favorite beverages. 


Taking place at a majestic upscale retreat center located on 500 acres in the foothills of the Pocono Mountains, the location will be sent out privately to all ticket holders. Our serene escape is just a 2.5-hour drive from New York and Philadelphia.


Parking passes are sold separately. Convenient shuttle service will also be available from NYC.


frequently asked questions

What's the Fire Dome?

Direct from Burning Man, the Incendia fire domes are among the most awe-inspiring dance structures in the world. Think Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, just with three domes and fire flowing out of the top of each one. It's a complete sensory experience. You will experience fire like you've never seen it. Our domes will allow you to dance under the full moon and we guarantee you will be HOT. 

What's the Poconos like in October?

Autumn is the most beautiful time to visit the Poconos as the leaves are all changing to vibrant hues of red and orange that set the mountains ablaze with color. It's the perfect escape for Halloween weekend.

Will it be heated?

Yes, all cabins and facilities are heated, including the Gym, Yoga Studio, Dining Hall and Theater. Our lakeside Tea Dances will also be heated.

Trick or treating?

Yes! On Halloween, we invite you to go cabin to cabin meeting your fellow campers with some spooky surprises and indulgent treats along the way.

How will guests get to the location?

Private vehicles, owned or rented. A roundtrip shuttle service will also be available from NYC.


What happens once guests arrive?

Guests must arrive in their scheduled arrival window. Cars will be quarantined 20’ apart. A secondary test will be administered, with results processed within the hour, and then cleared to check-in and enjoy!

What's the difference between Basic and Standard?

The Basic Bunk contains 2 Bunk Beds to sleep 4 people. The Standard is the same room for 2 people, so each person gets their own Bunk. Each room has a private bathroom, shower, & heat.


Who is conducting the testing?

Chai Care. Tests will be conducted in multiple cities in the week prior to the retreat. A physician supervised mail-in option is available for an additional cost by Vault Health. Guests will receive tests by mail by Monday before the event and provide a saliva sample, witnessed by a physician via Zoom video conference. Onsite medical services and support will be provided by Paradocs.

Are these antibody tests?

No. These are nasal swab PCR tests for ACTIVE COVID-19. They are same tests and labs used by hospitals, which have 99.8% accuracy. 

What type of tests do you use?

Although testing kits may vary depending on your location, our preferred Part I test is the Mako Medical TaqPath COVID-19 Combo Assay with 100% PPA and 100% NPA. Part II will be a Sofia 2 SARS Antigen FIA with 96.7% PPA and 100% NPA sensitivity, manufactured by Quidel.

What happens to guests that test positive prior?

They will not be allowed to attend. Tickets may be applied to a future event.


What happens to guests that test positive on site?

They will not be allowed to attend and must return home immediately. All tickets will be credited to a future event.


What if someone in my vehicle tests positive on site?

Any car with a positive test result will unfortunately have to return home. All tickets will be credited to a future event.


What happens if the event gets cancelled due to COVID-19 or something else?

This weekend's retreat was designed with the uncertainty of continuing life and business in the COVID age. If this retreat is cancelled or postponed due to circumstances outside of our control the tickets will be refunded, minus the cost of any COVID tests if they have been completed. 


What if uninvited people attempt to attend?

We will have trained and licensed security personnel to prevent unauthorized entry. There will be medical personnel on standby in case they do come in contact with unauthorized attendees. All security and medical professionals onsite will undergo testing procedures.


What if there are people already with COVID-19 working at the venue?

All staff working at the retreat will undergo 2-part active COVID testing. Staff will be tested 3 days prior to the event and again prior to event commencement. Tested staff members will be retained for backup if it is necessary for a staff member to leave the site or come into contact with untested individuals.


Will activities and programming be outdoor or indoor?

Programming will be indoors and outdoors and will be designed with social distancing measures in place.


Will social distancing be required?

We will follow CDC and state recommended guidelines in place at the time of the event. Staff will be required to wear masks or face coverings. Social Distancing Ambassadors will be present to assist and educate guests.  


Do guests have to wear facial coverings/masks?

All guests are encouraged to wear facial coverings/masks when there is the possibility of coming into contact with others and follow current state health guidelines.


Can I leave the retreat?

Once admitted, there is no re-entry. 


Can I bring my own food and beverages?

Guests are welcome bring in outside food and drink. For your safety and the safety of others we encourage that all items must be disinfected in advance.


Will alcohol be sold at the gathering?

No alcohol will be sold on premise. This is a BYOB retreat, so bring the beverages you love!


Can I have a late check-out?

Yes, all guests may check-out Sunday evening at no additional charge.

Is there a refrigerator in my room?

The Studio Suites have a refrigerator. We recommend bringing a cooler. Ice is available from the General Store 24/7.

What other precautions will you be taking to mitigate risk?

All high touch surfaces will be disinfected multiple times per day, and the entire site will be cleaned following EPA guidance which can be found here.


We will also be following OSHA guidelines on preparing workplaces, which can be found here.

We will be following guidelines and protocols established by the Event Safety Alliance, which can be found here.

We will be following guidelines set for in the “Considerations for Youth and Summer Camps” set forth by the CDC which can be found here.


Who will be the point of contact for specific points of testing and operational procedure?

Our Infection Mitigation Coordinator can be reached at


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